Lovers (2016)

"Lovers" is a film by Matteo Vicino, produced by Showbiz Movies in collaboration with Condiriso.


Dolmio Ltd.

Doimo Ltd. is an italian industrial group leading in high quality production of furnitures based in Treviso. 

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Bulbo Light

Bulbo Light is a start-up that synthesize minimal design and gardening.

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Bontempi Arredamenti

Bontempi is a company dealing with distribution of home furnishings since 1967. distribuzione di arredamento per la casa dal 1967. Photo by Renai&Renai Studi Fotografici (2012).

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"L'anniversario" is a short film produced by SkyCinema Italia directed by Maurizio Finotto, art director and professor at Accademia delle Belle Arti of Bologna.